Yoga’s Timeless Healing

Journey to yoga transcend me to travel the inner self-discovery which I find serenity and push myself to do more.

Love to hike, love to run, love to swim – that would be the routine I always set to my mind everytime I do some out of town trips. These activities would be pinned to my itinerary no matter what.

Maybe because getting involve with these routine made me seek and find all those barriers within and after that, it totally clears my mind.

Here I was, ready to take a hike down to see Sadsad Falls in Guimaras province to have a quick dip.

The nature scene and refreshing water led those heated feeling to cool down, took a rest and perked up my energy.

After going down the stairs for 10 minues, ready now to swim at the majestic Taytay Falls in Majayjay Laguna.   I almost visited this falls maybe five times a year and never get tired of it.

If you are following me in my Instagram account, why do I have to strike that yoga pose? Is it a show-off or something I have to add up on my trip album?

Last five years ago, I was invited to try yoga class. Went to Hatha and Vinyasa but find it too easy for me. But when I tried Ashtanga and Bikram, I was hooked and got regular practice even I didn’t attend the class anymore.  I felt that it stretched my muscles to the limit that pushed and awaken my spiritual well-being.

If exercise like running is giving me that stamina, yoga reinvigorates the mind, not just to think clearly but the meditation brings wisdom. Every time I tried to perfect that pose, it quiets my mind.

Yes, I experience pain every time I do it.  There were times, I have to stop.   Can’t go on.

But still, there was an inner strength,  one has to move on.  After getting those right breath and pose, I’m reaping the fruit of peace of mind and that matters for me.

I might have lot of exercise but putting mind out of it, it would  be useless for me.

One has to be aware and from there, freeing uncluttered mind led to creative thinking once we practice yoga.  This made my travel adventure around more fulfilling as I learn also to control what goes inside of me.

That for me is a timeless healing and I can reflect more on life’s purpose.

Now anticipating my next trip with love and healing.



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