Wear Your Love on Mother’s Day by Nido

She would always protects me.


Until now, I do not considered myself as a mom because I still believe that I am daughter and I have a mother with me who always guides and protects me.   Eversince I was young then, I would make it a point to save money during mother’s day for a simple card and if fund permits, I will buy a cake for my mom.

Even we are far away from my mother’s place, we make it a point to visit her in the metro including also my mom-in-law during Mother’s Day celebration.  Maybe that is how we honor our mother which we treasured so much.  Giving this day for them is a smile that we missed.

Actually, mababaw lang talaga mga nanay natin. Simple calls let them overwhelmed with joy.

It is a great thing to know that NIDO FORTIFIED got this campaign “Wear Your Love”  powered by its various online initiatives that will lead to the actual Mother’s Day celebration on May 11.

The “Wear Your Love” website by NIDO FORTIFIED provides a fun and meaningful way for kids and family members to express their love towards their moms by declaring their heart-warming messages through customized shirts.

Through the help of dad and other family members, kids are encouraged to answer the question “What makes your mom #1?” and craft their messages for mom at www.nido-fortified.ph.

The first 2,000 statements submitted to the campaign website will be transformed into one-of-a-kind shirts produced by local clothing brand Bench Lifestyle.   Each personalized statement shirt  will be in NIDO FORTIFIED-inspired cans that will be delivered to moms as surprise packages on Mother’s Day.

I learned this to my hubby when he attended an activity exclusively for Dad.  Surprise daw but the idea is, he likes me to share also this one to give tributes to our mothers.

I did join.  Did you see my design shirt at the top?

You too can also join by following these three (3) simple steps for you, your kids, and other family members and submit messages for moms at www.nido-fortified.ph

Following are the mechanics to do:

Step 1: Confirm age.

To start creating a shirt, click “Create a Shirt” or simply scroll down the website. You must confirm your age first before proceeding. If the user is younger or older than the age groups specified, he or she would need the help of an adult to join.

NIDO FORTIFIED® “Wear Your Love” Website

NIDO FORTIFIED® “Wear Your Love” Website

Step 2: Create a shirt.

You have two options in crafting your message to mom: Submit a personalized 90-character message or select a pre-filled message from the drop-down menu. You also have to type in the name of the kid/s whom the message came from.

NIDO FORTIFIED® “Wear Your Love” Website

NIDO FORTIFIED® “Wear Your Love” Website

Step 3: Register.

To proceed, you must provide basic details for the free delivery of the shirt and determine the size of the shirt of their mom. A confirmation message will appear once all fields and items are filled-out.

NIDO FORTIFIED® “Wear Your Love” Website

NIDO FORTIFIED® “Wear Your Love” Website

Upon completion of the basic steps, users will be led to the shirt gallery where the different statements shirts submitted by kids will be displayed.

NIDO FORTIFIED® “Wear Your Love” Website

Join the conversations online by using the official hash tag #1mom.

For more information, visit www.nido-fortified.ph.


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