Wake-Up Call for Financial Literacy

Live a life with less worries.

After I got back for a trip abroad, inspired to face the usual routine and errand.  Maybe that is how you feel when you have new discoveries.

Because even I was tired, me and hubby give time to attend a financial literacy board game called Praxis.

It’s a game of chance.  My scenario?

Got sick two (2) times that exhausted the initial fund gave to us and led me to debt two (2) times also.

Disappointed that made me felt if I can still continue the game. I even wear a hat to tell to the world I’m buried in debt. Anyway, this is just a game, ok!

To continue, have to focus and good thing, I still have work and that still matters as I saw a co-player lost a job, not only once but three times. Because of the work, I have that income.  I allotted a small fund to invest.

At the end of the game, time to count those fund and  convert the investments into money. Can’t believe it, have paid all the debts and the beautiful side of it, still have 20,000.00 on hand.

This game is a realization of financial knowledge which would trigger a better decision in investing and having an insurance. Me and hubby are a believer of Risk Management, not only to business but also to life itself.

Life deserve to be protected and preparing an investment is a tool for less worries.

Putting a portion of the income you earn like FWD’s Set for Tomorrow. This a life insurance that provides affordable and flexible solutions that would fit each protection needs with less worries.

For more information on the product, go to www.fwd.com.ph.

You can also access Cali.  It’s  an online calculator to find out how much you need, how long you need to get covered, and how Set for Tomorrow fits your budget.






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