True Home’s Contemporary Accent Interior

An improve yet beautiful home accessories radiates to its dwellers if it inspires life, functionality and happiness. 

After summer ended, my practice to yoga also ended.  LOL! As in literally.  Maybe because I love to do some meditation where I can find peace in a serene place like beach or mountain where I can concentrate my inner being as I shared this with my post. 

Which is not really the main objective of doing some health and wellness I suppose.  It has to be practiced anywhere where options are endless.  Yes, I can already practice it independently.  But I still have to do this even at the comfort of our home.

I give this shot as a project of mine and to start with, have pinned some inspiration to my wall via Pinterest for the DIY Yoga sanctuary – a spot making a practice more intimate and fulfilling.  Our terrace which is an empty space would be a wise choice.

True Home's Contemporary Home Interior

I know the terrace is too small but then I still believe filling it up decors with meaning and purpose would:

  • Offer comfort, function and style.
  • Decors that would create a quaint abode of tranquility
  • Relaxing and serene atmosphere putting pillows
  • Knick-knacks like wall decor, candles, vases, frames or vintage clock that would give character in every corner.

As a  start, we  already hanging those bamboo curtains around and wind chimes that emits calmness.

Given these all points, True Value launched its home furnishings store, True Home, that would curate assortment of high-quality on-trend interiors at reasonable prices located at the 3rd level of Greenbelt 5.

True Home's Contemporary Home Interior

Find the said store a haven for home interior essentials –  a  scene with its selection of décor that depicts the style as a home enthusiast like me. To name a few international names like Umbra,  WALLPOPS wall decal, Yankee, Vidivi, Mediterranea vase and Nextime clocks are around.

I was jut about to passed by but I was hooked up that I find great accent piece for my  future DIY Yoga Project, that is from chimes, scented candles,  oil burners and incense oils.

A life quote person by heart, find this wall decor sooo inspiring where one can put pictures of your adventures around or simply family group gathering.

Since one of my favorite place in our home is kitchen, found sleek and efficient gadgets like different colors of mason jars, storage spices and different cupcake design placers.

True Home's Contemporary Home Interior

Set of cutting boards with colors and labels where to use it and different sizes of knives which I also find so organize, very efficient and can put in one location.

True Home's Contemporary Home Interior

Have seen also  impressive tablescape made possible with modish plates, silverware and serve ware from Mikasa, Libbey, Pfaltzgraff and Bombay, and Schott Zwiesel.

Whoow!  Definitely, I would love to give a contemporary home interior that would spice up the meaning of it because an improve yet beautiful home accessories radiates to its dwellers if it inspires life, functionality and happiness.

Will update you once I have already finished collecting, designing my future DIY yoga sanctuary at home.

Till next!

Locations: True Home is open at the 3rd level of Greenbelt 5 and 3rd level of Robinsons Magnolia.






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