Surf con Sunset Beach at San Juan La Union

I’ve learned that life is a lot like surfing. When you get caught in the impact zone, you need to get right back up because you never know what’s over the next wave. – From the Soul Surfer Movie


As a traveler, summer season will never be an ending. It will always be an escapade of wondrous experience all year round especially when it comes to beach and sunset.

San Juan La Union by Jinkee Umali of

Getting at San Juan, La Union at Urbiztondo was very relaxing way of traveling were trip would took a couple of 4 – 5 hours.  For commuters,  take a ride at Partas Bus Lines terminal in Cubao bound to Vigan.  Advise the conductor to drop you off at San Juan Beach  which was along McArthur highway.

San Juan, La Union is one of the most surf spots at the northern part. I was curious to see that the wave here is almost perfectly right that would hold on its shape. Learning also the joys of surfing in a warm beach water would be an anticipated immersed feeling.

San Juan La Union by Jinkee Umali of

As we went there for a road trip, waves were not constant at that time. Quite dismayed since I was excited to have some basic surf lesson as this would be my first time.

Lessons learn here – go with seasons from November to March for north swell and July to October for the southern swell.

Still, I was quite amazed to watched those surfers still trying to balance out with their board.

San Juan La Union by Jinkee Umali of

San Juan La Union by Jinkee Umali of

It did not also stopped me to enjoy some of the beach activities like swimming, playing frisbee and just chill out waiting for the sunset to come.

As I wait for the sunset, I already bought my camera to be ready for those glorious shot.

The color combination of sky and clouds that bathed down those wonderful hues of colors is a golden hour.    Together with sand beach, small waves and someone who walked were a great combination for a wonderful shot.

As the sun goes down giving those golden hue, I will always be captivated with its reflection at the bottom of those clouds.

San Juan La Union by Jinkee Umali of

San Juan La Union by Jinkee Umali of

Even I did not have those basic surf lesson, I still came here to embrace what lies within it.  One has to get right back and just  enjoy.

I will definitely come back once the season is really up for surfing together with my family.  That’s a promise.

San Juan La Union by Jinkee Umali of



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