RichCorp Encourages To Use the Natural Way of Healing

It was a productive educational farm tour in Tanauan, Batangas as were oriented by Patrick D. Roquel, and his wife Dr. Elinor Tee-Roquel.

We were introduced to the beauty of natural ways of healing, that is, making Lagundi and Citronella as herbal medicine as we got the chance to tour around the building and visited their farm.  I have recapped our visit through this video below..

@jinkeeumali This weekend, it would be an educational productive farm tour in Tanauan, Batangas. We were oriented by Patrick D. Roquel, and his wife Dr. Elinor Tee-Roquel making Lagundi and Citronella as an alternative natural food supplement and herbal medicine. More deets on the blog soon. #ImmuneAdvancexLuckyFinds #ImmuneAdvance #lagundibeatcovid #ANDAS #andasseries #hANDASaSakit #handasasakithealthyhabits #handaako #hANDASaSakit #PunoSagipBuhay #PSBWelfare ♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

The wife and husband tandem introduced us to their wide array of products concentrated on Lagundi and Citronella.  I have a stock of these medicines, especially during the Pandemic days.  I’m a believer in these medicines and supporting these locally-made products not only promotes wellness but also enhances the well-being capacity to heal the natural way.

RichCorp Products

RichCorp who is handling these food supplements and herbal medicines specializes in natural organic ingredients coming from the raw materials until it becomes personal and household care.

From all-natural derma armor spray and sanitizer; Loco Mosquin, a hand and body moisturizer that has natural citronella oil; L’abriegO Citronella Aromatherapy insect repellent candle; HappyCha Lagundi Tea Beverage, and Immune Advance capsule. Immune Advance is a potent combination of Lagundi, Moringa, Non-Acidic Vitamin C, and Zinc which help boost immunity.

We personally visited their farm and we saw the array of Citronella and Lagundi vast in greenery sight.

RichCorp Products


RichCorp Products

Seeing also personally the farmers making their living more profitable with RichCorp is another inspiration yet an advocate mission helping them to continue an alternative way of providing an alternative yet effective way of healing thru these plants.

RichCorp Products

I bought personally their products for our farm and the most useful ones are the Citronella and Lagundi Tea.  Every now and then, supplement like Immune Advance is an added intake of vitamins.

RichCorp Products

Ever since I was a child, cough, and asthma were very common sicknesses that I had. Remembered my Lola boiling some leaves of Lagundi and even it was still hot, she let me sip it.  Based on scientific studies, decreased mucus alleviates the shortness of breath thus lessening the frequency of cough which I slowly felt after drinking it.  As we personally tried the Lagundi tea, it’s more on relaxation especially when I am getting already a headache. It relieves the pain.

RichCorp Products

RichCorp Products

Many are familiar with Citronella has insect-repellent properties that keep away insects and are particularly effective on mosquitos.  Still, when we are using it, the scent is soo rich and got this lemon aroma that promoted freshness around.  The aroma removes also a bad odor that has a pleasant fresh smell especially if you sprayed it indoors.

RichCorp Products

Overall, glad that me and my husband took a break and joined this farm tour.  It was worth the trip seeing also a tandem of husband and wife, Patrick D. Roquel, Dr. Elinor Tee-Roquel that had this entrepreneurial spirit not only to help people but to make our place choose a better alternative to heal the natural way.

To know more, sharing their address and contact information:

Office Address: 27 Cadena de Amor Street De Castro Sta. Lucia, Pasig, Philippines, 1608
Mobile: 0919-0001738

Facebook and Instagram Account: Puno Sagip Buhay






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