Redefining The Movie Experience More

I was looking for something that would destress after work that create somewhat tension. After a day like that, would like to go to a date to laze out and lounge myself just to be comfortable.

One example would be watching movie with hubby. Something to relax and to make it extra-ordinary, how about doing it in a Director’s Club with a full-recliner leather seats, equipped with a large advanced laser projection system and contemporary Dolby Atmos system.

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What more a moviegoers like us also have the luxury of an in-theater butler service, allowing to have a focused and in-depth movie viewing experience where they will personally bring your food like popcorn and cola.

This was what we experienced when we watch Spies Disguise, a feel good vibe thing as we were glad we choose to watch it at SM Cinema Mall of Asia as it launches also the newest entertainment complex in town.

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All in all there are 16 theaters available that includes (11) regular cinemas, one (1) IMAX theatre, three (3) Director’s Club theaters, and one (1) event cinema. With the unveiling of the upgraded and refreshed theaters that seeks to give moviegoers a superb viewing experience.

They also redeveloped regular theaters boast of premium, upgraded features—from the most comfortable Opus Glide semi-recliner spectator seats and interior design, to Standard 7.1 Surround Sound setup and RGB Laser Projection System—giving viewers a much-elevated and immersive silver screen experience.

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“At SM, we always think of ways on how we can better serve our target market. With the introduction of the new and upgraded SM Cinema Mall of Asia, we further cement our unique position of being a household name by providing our customers with a premium movie experience they deserve,” shared Ruby Ann Reyes, SM Cinema Vice President for Marketing.


As we ushered a whole new cinematic experience, SM Cinema Mall of Asia steps into a new decade, branding itself as an entertainment hub where people can enjoy seeing their favorite movies come to life through year-round installations and movie-centric experiential activities.

Starting this year 2020, come visit it and join the conversations using hashtag #PremierCinemaExperience.

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