Perfectly Imperfect Stories of Real Love

First day of the month reminiscing first moment where we met sharing first food for the day.

Long lines as usual. I ordered our breakfast food, he looks for a seat. We always share tasks, two-way give and take companionship.



It maybe a chance where we first met.  But relationship has to take that responsibility to make it work to be destined a forever love.   Open communication thru a series of talks, respect to one another’s opinion and we are glad we still make it as time goes by.

This is maybe the reason we can relate to the most anticipated #KwentongJollibee Valentine’s series.

As shared by Francis Flores of Jollibee – “Relationships can be complicated when people set unrealistic expectations about love, believing that it’s always easy and picture-perfect especially in today’s digital age! This year, our goal was to highlight that the best love stories are those of couples who understand and value true love, and the hard work and commitment that it takes to make it work,”

This was kicked off the month of love by unveiling #KwentongJollibee Valentine’s Series 2020: “#CoupleGoals”, “Space”, and “Apart” in an exclusive press preview held recently at Estancia Mall – Ortigas Cinemas. As today’s modern times have brought about varied definitions of love, the series theme “True Love Conquers All” aims to bring back the true definition of love.

Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series 2020

Directed by Ianco dela Cruz (“Vow”, “Choice”), “#CoupleGoals” tells the story of Matt and Lisa, a happy couple who couldn’t be more perfect for each other, or so their social media photos say. Is their relationship as flawless as it appears?


“Space” follows the story of funnyman Dan, who goes out of his way to show his girlfriend Mae how much he cares but their differences have pushed the couple apart. Directed by Sigrid Bernardo, this episode begs the question: In the age where finding someone new as easy as a swipe, is true love is just as easy to find?


Lovebirds Myles and Ron are the center of the story titled “Apart”, directed by Pepe Diokno. Myles is strong-willed and self-sufficient, and Ron feels like he doesn’t have a place in her world. Does true love prevail or are they better off apart?

Watch the three #KwentongJollibee films on Jollibee Studios ( and on Jollibee’s Facebook page ( airing first on February 1, 2020 as we share this first dib.





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