Pamper with Nail Terminal

Don’t ever doubt your worth

What if you simply devote in one day to love yourself?


Its accidental, as I waited  my kiddo up south that led me to pamper.

Not usual because everyday I woke up, it’s a routine what to do at home like cooking, cleaning before going to work. At night, there is still need to be done. Weekends would be errand family time.

Then I realize, just one weekend to be with myself.  That I discovered Nail Terminal 1.



The nearest ladmark of this place in Tagaytay is the Vista Real Hotel which is also almost beside Mcdonalds along Calamba crossing.

It’s quaint but what led me to come in is a travel-themed interior like clocks with different time zone and iconic world structures.

Vibrant color of the sofa and yup, my favorite nail polish – Zoya.




Name it, from foot/hand spa, mani/pedi, hair cut and some argan oil hair spa.

I enjoyed the express service where one can do it simultaneously.

I did not know this as they suggested that is possible.  A good idea if someone is on the rush.

This is also the first time I use a pedicure sink – running clean water while having my foot spa.





Yup, ready for brand new week ahead as this is the result.

Refreshed even I did not actually take a bath. LOL!

I felt the softness of my arms and feet. Part of the spa was also a massage where other salon charged this separately.

Argan oil that used to my hair made me also relax especially its aroma. Love also how gentle they put it in my hair.


Going an exit to the salon made me smile. One thing for sure, I fall in love taking care of myself not only mind and spirit but also my body. It’s giving time.

Because life becomes more beautiful when you learn to be good to yourself as you are to others.

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