Meet Jinkee Umali

Jinkee Umali is an I.T. practitioner by profession that is passionate about technology.

She is a freelance I.T. Consultant – an ERP/SAP Practitioner, Trainor and a Graduate School Professor.

She also manage their family business, as an I.T. Project Director.

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Aside from her MBA degree, she formally studied at  Asian Institute of Management (AIM) for Professional Blogging and Internet Marketing.  With mentors and colleagues around, she started to do her blogs:

Her hobby includes running, gardening, cooking, baking and taking pictures.  She is also a foodie and a traveler.

Live Life Fullest by Jinkee Umali of

Given all these undertakings, how did she deliberately put all of these into action?

She was once worked before in a corporate world holding position like Project Manager and a Dean in a university – a fortunate opportunity giving all those trust.

Still one has to explore more what life has to offer.

Live Life Fullest by Jinkee Umali of

That is:

Life never stops on just “work to live”.   Rather it has to live to work passionately.

As she is learning through her personal journey, her journal with is to balance priorities based on self-awareness and later on can create a realistic goal on how to work the best in life.

Live Life Fullest by Jinkee Umali of


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