Make Your Health One Of Your Priorities

Making your health a priority empower you to give a wellness an everyday part of your life.

Got to schedule my annual check-up as early as I have my health card with me either new or renewed.

From there, I can identify risk factors for common diseases and get a quick consultation how to cure it and eventually primary prevention.

Just to correct, I’m not an obsessive compulsive or simply OC when health is a topic.  Actually, this is also thick marked schedule in my planner.  LOL!

I know being sick.

Got an asthma when I was a toddler and when my mother was in panic mode to take care of me, I just remembered how those sleepless nights made the family streneous. Growing up, got also iron deficiency and occasional migraine that fainted me in between school and worst even in a work place.

From there, getting health card every year is a must for me to monitor my health condition.

I cannot recall how many years I trusted Medicard but it becomes accessible especially their main branch in Makati which has a breast clinic and Laguna where we reside.

Founded and run by doctors, celebrates three decades of industry encouraging more Filipinos like me to capitalize on good health to seize more opportunities that put forward the theme, “Brave the World”.

Along with its corporate packages, the said HMO also highlights its new products called MediCard Select.  It is a product  that takes care of healthcare needs for minimal access fee, service fee and fixed fund and allows returns of unused fund.

Other products that would fit each individual’s budget are:

  • Family/Individual plans – coverage for hospitalization, outpatient procedures and preventive healthcare;
  • VIP plans  – comprehensive healthcare coverage;
  • Kabayan – overseas sponsors to provide healthcare for their loved ones in the Philippines;
  • RXER plan – specialized healthcare maintenance service that covers emergencies for trauma cases and preventive and outpatient care in free-standing clinics;
  • Healthplus plan – preventive and outpatient coverage in free-standing clinics for one year for P1,100;
  • MediCard Health Check Card – unlimited check-ups at  free-standing clinics for P500.

In addition to 12 well-equipped clinics, the said HMO opens more free standing clinics outside Metro Manila like Lipa City, Batangas and Cainta, Rizal.

That’s good news.

Because when a physician detect unhealthy issues before they become risk factors, it would save lives.  This can also prevent unnecessary hospitalization and reduce the cost of primary care.

From there, make it a habit to have a regular check up visits to establish a baseline of each personal health.

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