Is Planning Your Death Important?

“Death is not the opposite of life but part of it.”

I’m a believer of risk and preparedness because everything being plan would be a wise move.

Unfortunately, deaths and funerals are part of our lives. These instances are not expected nor controlled. Maybe that is why acquiring life plan and funeral insurance are very important.

It is crucial that making financial plans to afford the funeral cost and the person we are leaving especially our loved ones are a must to ease the stress in times of grief.

It is also a preparation not only for yourself but also to your loved ones that they know what to do when something bad happens. From there, this will lift emotional burden and gives also the opportunity to handle all the expenses while you can still pay it.

With life insurance and funeral plan, a financial assistance is in place during tough time of death of loved ones.

Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plan, Inc. (CCLPI) was officially launched last October 2, 2017 to provide affordable insurances within and outside the Philippines.

Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plan, Inc. (CCLPI) Company Launching

Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plan, Inc. (CCLPI) Company Launching

CCLPI is a private-cooperative partnership in the industry – a merger of the Cosmopolitan Memorial Chapels and CLIMBS Life and General Insurance Cooperative that will enable more stable public service.

“It is now time that the private sector and the cooperative sector can join forces. We aim to serve the marginalized sector or the grassroots. And with the synergy, we know that there is no room for failure,” as expressed by Mr. Fermin Gonzales, CCLPI Group Executive Officer.

Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plan, Inc. (CCLPI) Company Launching

The Insurance Commission (IC) has approved the establishment of the CCP to offer a preneed memorial life plan that will also benefit the people of the world today.

In the next few days, CCLPI’s insurance packages will be set up publicly that will surely help many families to have that peace of mind in their future and for their loved ones.

Mr. Renato Dychangco, the Chairman of CCLPI, aimed at delivering protection not only for the rich but also of ordinary people.

“A private sector and a cooperative has merged together. Our promise to the buying public is to make sure their protection not only now but in the years to come,” accordingto Mr. Dychangco.

As he added, “The public that we will be catering not only for the people that has money but people also of all kinds of walk in this world. We decided to merge together to make sure that we give protection only for the rich people but the common people who needs help”.

Mr. Noel Raboy, the President / COO of CCLPI, believes that lof of peple will be able to be assisted with Cosmopolitan-CLIMBS once their product is publicized.

“With the birth of a preneed company that focuses on life plan, it’s very exciting. We can serve a lot of people especially in the grassroots because of the affordable plans that we will offer very soon,” as shared by Mr. Raboy.

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