Importance of Acquiring Your Own Home

Having to live your own is a challenge.  Still, it is a choice of finding your own space with peace and tranquility – embracing freedom and independence.

Before we got married, hubby already acquired house and lot in Calamba, Laguna.  Sound weird for me since we were just in our early 20’s then.

His purpose was to avail the low downpayment and something to look as a proof where he put his income monthly. Second, he also love Laguna where he can do some quick dip in the hot spring resorts nearby and the feel of nature around.

Hitting an early road goin to the metro.  Thank you Lord for waking us up w/ full of hope and assurance that everyday would be a great day.  #GoodMorning

Find nature's beauty in every scene that catches your eyes.

As time goes by, we have also identified importance in acquiring a home:

  • Being responsible.

Way back then, we love to eat out and doing some movie dates.  When we know we have to pay mortgage every month, we set it aside and we learn how to prioritize.

  • Even it was a mortgaged, still the property will be yours in the near future.

Definitely, it would be a long debt.  Name it – 5 to 15 years to pay.  Still, even you’re paying it every month, years passing by, you are acquiring a property that would be called as your own.

  • Better than renting.

I remembered we rented  an apartment in our first years of our marriage.  Every year, the rent increase and increase while our mortgaged home in Laguna is in fixed price.  The money value also of the home acquired increases as year passed by.

Last time, I was invited to check a booming neighborhood development in Sto. Tomas Batangas eyeing to be a promising location in the South.   I remembered we have to do our stop-ever to get our quick fix of food which is like a mall in the metro.

Called Terrazza de Sto. Tomas officially gives a peek of premier Southern living.

A 5.8 hectare property offers a unique take in property development by offering exclusivity and privacy with its 54% open space and only 333 units that offers peace and tranquility inside its gated community, something that is near elusive in the city.

Inspired by rustic Italian designs, the prime property merges urban modernity with old-world Italian comforts that reflects Sto. Tomas’ contemporary yet laidback vibe. The development also introduces garden living with units connected to either major or minor parks.

Simple interior w/ elegant details #homeinterior

Three model units available:

  • Amore (single-detached, 99 sqm),  P3.2 to 4.2M
  • Dolce (duplex, 75 sqm), P2.4M to 3M
  • Bacci (Quad, 65-86 sqm), P1.6M to 2.7M

Each unit has its own mini garden and laid out in such a way that its residents get the exclusivity and privacy they deserve.

Terraza Sto. Tomas Batangas

Terraza Sto. Tomas Batangas

Terraza Sto. Tomas Batangas
To tell you honestly, I like the strategic location of Terrazza de Sto. Tomas.  It is embracing the modern conveniences of urban living and relishing the comfort of a rural lifestyle.

It is the same on how we live in – near the mall with a draft of Mt. Makiling on the side.

Mt.  Makiling scenery infront SM Calamba parking area while riding bus goin metro.  Find still being positive and beauty stock in traffic just searching your eyes around.  We are still blessed.  #NowTimeToWork #GoodMorning

This is also what we felt when we acquired our home in Laguna.

It is carefully planned design makes for a good reprieve for those who want to enjoy . It hits the middle-ground, without need for compromises.

Terraza Sto. Tomas Batangas

Maybe one important reason why we also choose to have a home is to be independent.

We can make decisions and control our own like the look on home interiors, bring pets, having a garden or times we don’t have those urgent move to get those household chores done ASAP, we can just sleep and relax.

From there, we find peace and tranquility in a space we called a dream home.

At a start it was really a challenge.   Having to live your own without the close family and friends beside you.  Still, at the end it is really a great choice – a start of living life to the fullest not only to me but to our family from which we embrace freedom.

Terraza Sto. Tomas Batangas

Do purchase a home, you will never ever regret it.  It is better to start early.

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