Hurray for 2013!

Don’t you just love that feeling of starting over? Starting with a brand new, clean, white page. You can write whatever you want, in any color you want and take the road you want.


It was early last year when I found out that Live Life Fullest was hacked. I was devastated as I cannot retrieved all the back-ups that even our technical admin cannot do it.

My feeling then was sooo low that I don’t know if I will still continue this blog.

Still my quest will begin again no matter what.  No ifs, no buts, no turning back but only lesson learned.  Yes, I will start again with a vengeance knowing what more my focus.

I will do it  little by little, no rush, no pressure.  As long one accomplish it, act to it and do something towards everyday, then these every little steps count that will later lead to big accomplishments.

Welcoming 2013 with a brand new yet clean page where I can forever throw those inspiration in living life to the fullest.

Happy New Year everyone!





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