Getting Vegan with Live Life

Be vegetable heavy. Reverse the psychology of your plate by making vegetable your main course.

With the tremenduous occasions around when Christmas season kick off last year starting as early as November, we cannot resist the reunion invites from family, relatives, classmates, former officemates and even our own clients. Definitely, aisde from gatherings and laughters, varieties of food were serve all around.

It was festivity and we cannot say all those food were healthy.

Me and hubby would always tell to ourselvers and did those count down that this holiday season will soon to be finish. From there, we are ready to do some detoxification as the new year starts.

When a fellow foodie suggested to visit Live Life for a weekend food buffet, have checked their social meida handle. Yes, kind off for me to try buffet since we promised ourselves to focus on healthy intake. But when I saw it is a vegan restaurant, then its a “go”.

Good timing, family will be in the metro also. I like my son to try vegan food once in a while.

Getting Vegan with Live Life

Eversince, he got from work three (3) years ago, what he had eaten eversince was fastfood meaning he can just picked it up along the way and eat it out in his desk while working.

He can only eat real food when he will have the chance to come home and cook a meal for us.

Live Life is in the side of Makati area. Landmark is near Don Bosco Makati, infront of La Fuerza Plaza and almost beside Waltermart which is very easy for us to locate the place.

In terms of interior inside, it’s more of a hole in a wall place, quaint, clean and presentabe inside which maybe the owner can opt to renovate it to make it more presentable.

Getting Vegan with Live Life

Our family availed the Veggie Buffet which I also suggest to diners to take advantage of it to taste all the availalbe menu instead of ordering their a la carte.

This is available every Saturday, lunch, 11am to 3pm and dinner 5pm to 8pm for P 350.00.

When I say veggie, its pure veggie.

For a start, here is my first serving. Squash soup is rich and creamy in texture. They serve also organic black and red rice but I opted to get the paella. Got to taste also their potato curry, eggplant and tofu patties.

Getting Vegan with Live Life

This is my first time to see Vegetable Paella packed with flavorful rice, cauliflower, mushroom, brocolli and string beans around.

Getting Vegan with Live Life

Eggplant with Saikyo Miso is also a must-try.

Getting Vegan with Live Life

I cannot resist the Lumpiang Sariwa which after I got to finished another one, I tried it again – lot of shreded bambooo shoots for every serving while the sauce is rich and sweet that complimented the taste.

Getting Vegan with Live Life

My second plate would be pesto pasta and some veggie wrap which I considered also rich in flavor.

Getting Vegan with Live Life

For my last plate, Chili Con Tofu Soup, Cauli Flower and Mixed Salad are also a must-try.

Getting Vegan with Live Life

I thought got a picture of Moussaka which is also first time to taste it. Its a Greek dish baked in eggplant.

Sometimes I based the rate of food serving to my son.


Eversince, he is a picky eater. There were times he would literally walked out and will just wait for us if he did not like the food.

His overall gastronomic experience with Live Life based on my observation was to stay longer with us. Definitely, he tasted most of the food. There were some favorites he come back for more.

If they say its vegan, its truly 100% vegan. Some of the restaurants around will go for fish, chicken meat or seafood to substitute for pork or beef.

What I like the most was they cook the food once it was already gone on the table. It was served hot and fresh.

Getting Vegan with Live Life

Getting Vegan with Live Life

For a vegan like me, its A-ok. I enjoyed the versatility on how they prepare the food. Sometimes I go for salad and that’s it. Varieties of food craving using vegetable can be a healthy alternative.

Will definitely go back since they rave about their Veggie Kare-Kare which I would like to taste.

For this 2017, hopefully I got to hook up lot of intake of veggies and fruits thus becoming them my main course living life to the fullest.

Location: 2240 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
Facebook Page:
Contact Nos: (02) 478-6310 / (0917) 811-7435



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