Getting Convenient with GCash

“Make every single of your time convenient and you’ll learn how to value your life more.”

As a parent and working mother at the same time, I always make it a point to plan for a week. Example of these plans are meals to prepare and bills to pay.

Execution would always be a challenge because I’m doing this after I got off from work. I am person who do not like those long lines especially paying bills like utilities and credit cards. I tried but maybe my patience is not that enough because this would consume my time again.

Even with the grocery. I have to withdraw cash in an ATM Machine that often times, there would be long lines again and worst no money that would take time again to replenish.

Instead of going home already to be with the family eating dinner together, I have to go to the mall to do this.

I have to trust everything to an apps that would make my life more easy. Discovering the wonders of GCash apps that turns every smartphone into a virtual wallet and the money sending features in order to pay utility bills and credit cards in less than 15 minutes. Best part, I can do it during my ride home to maximize more my time.

With over 100 accredited merchants, GCash allows one to pay the bills with just a few taps on the phone anywhere, anytime even when the entire nation is asleep. By simply putting in your account details to enroll, you can ditch the heavy queues in the bank or at payment centers. The app also allows users to set reminders on upcoming due dates of utility bills so that people like me who are working will not forget settling monthly arrears and will be spared from service interruption and from paying penalties.

What’s more, GCash has 36 partner banks, so aside from paying bills, I get to send money hassle-free. I’ve tried doing money transfers to banks, remittance centers and other GCash accounts. I usually do them just before I go to bed in the day—it takes no more than five minutes. The precious hour or two that I get to sleep, instead of going out to a physical bank, could mean the difference between a cranky mom and an energized one.

My life suddenly became a bit easier when I started using the said app. It is a smart way to get that quality time to spend to the family more and get that enough sleep ready to face another brand new day.






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