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Someone busier than you is getting a massage right now. Make the time for yourself.

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One of the best relaxation that I can get to a spa are pedicure and foot spa.

Maybe because, I do lot of jogs for workout, walking during my technical training and sometimes I would rather walk in short distance rather than getting a taxi cab.

Sometimes, I have to asked hubby to rub my feet to simply relax the feeling. Taking time to massage a feet can bring back energy when each foot is rubbed and palpated that stimulates the reflexes.

I simply love to de-stress my whole legs by taking this kind of service.

But while in the sudden I have to try this newly opened Nautical Bliss Spa here in Batangas?

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Who is Nautical Bliss Spa?

Nautical Bliss Spa is the newest spa right at the heart of Lipa, Batangas opened this 2013 that offers different variety of services from nail care, hand / foot massage, body massage and their unique “fish spa”.

Nautical Bliss Spa for me is unique.

Part of their services is to offer fish spa which I am very eager to visit the moment I saw them posting and sharing this in their social network like Facebook.

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I love fish spa. Me and hubby went to Laguna Hot Spring in Calamba every week just to encounter those small fishes and lingered to our feet.

Nautical Bliss Spa

To those who were new with fish spa treatment, basically one will put their feet into huge aquarium tank. Those “doctor fish” will keep closer to your feet as they gently bite the dead skin.

For the first timer, this would tickle a lot but once you are acquainted with it, it is a relaxing feeling anyway giving those 30-minute session.

As we experience it, the spa water is clear that one can visibly see those fish attacking your feet. It is definitely hygienic.

The place also has a fast WiFi connection where one can check online messages or simply can update as in ASAP their status in the social media network.

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We were also given a complimentary drink – a choice between tea, juice or coffee. Maybe one of the benefits every time one will visit the store.

I love also the whole ambiance of the nautical-feel of the place as the decor of anchor around and  the color surrounded with blue and red complemented the whole interior. Even staffs wore those sailor styled uniforms.   From the spacious colorful couch, one can snuggle around each seat that invites total relaxation feeling.

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After the fish spa, I availed the foot spa.

Feet were soaked in a soothing foot bath, scrubbed, exfoliated for dead skin and followed by foot / leg massage in less than an hour.

Nautical Bliss Spa

Nautical Bliss Spa

Nautical Bliss Spa

Nautical Bliss Spa

Nautical Bliss Spa

Nautical Bliss Spa

I am not a reflexologist but for me massaging a feet through stimulation is a healing feeling. As if all my stress in the body is removed.

Overall, it is an ultimate yet all-out pampering with my feet Yes, I kinda got a short nap for a while as I cannot resist to close my eyes. Aside from that, the classy atmosphere around can fully rejuvenate one’s feeling. Price offered is also affordable.
Staffs are also friendly yet accommodating. They have innate workmanship skill as they know what they were doing.

Hopefully, as time goes by, they will maintain the cleanliness and great services  around as I am anticipating a next branch to look for in the future.

Contact Information:

Address: 3rd floor Trinity Business Center, Ayala Highway Lipa City, Batangas
Mobile Nos.: 0927-556-4855 / 0998-409-5274
E-Mail Address:

For more more information, visit their:

Facebook Page:







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