Convenient Shopping Via Mobile Apps

Making apps a tool to transform the power of technology giving consumers like me convenient and safe to shop.

Eversince I’m a fan of online shopping if its a need. Maybe practicality is the key especially if I’m stuck in traffic and once I got my smart phone I can browse it and order ASAP.

An exammple of such apps that I’m using for a year already is Shopee.

For the the past 2 years, added programs has been introduced to make shopping online more convenient like Free Shipping and Cash On Delivery (COD) that led me also to save time if ever I will deposit to the bank for my purchase.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, there is Shopee University set up for their online business.

To celebrate this milestone, have availed their promotion with up to 90% discounts including electronics, gadgets, makeup and clothes.


Since we are into healthy road like now, have purchase yoga towels and portable fruit juicer..

Once I know what I want, I just search it, canvass for the price and checkout for purchase.

I did it for less than 10 minutes as this kind of platform is easy to use that even my teenage kiddo can also navigate with it.

Even the price is low, I got also a 10% discount on my purchases.




What’s for Shoppe for the next years to come?

According to Macy Castillo, Head of Commercial Business – There would be an expansions on user base nationwide catering to every buyer and seller in key cities and provinces.

Again, cheers Shopee and Happy 2nd birthday.

For more information and promotion, you can visit, or

Available also for free download on Google Play and App Store.






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