Convenient Delivery with Tien Ma’s

Healthy, convenient meals with a personal touch arriving on your doorstep is a practical way to do it with Tien Ma’s

I was suppose to visit my father last June to personally greet him but weekend at that time was too loaded for the family. What I did was to took the time to meet my parents at their home last weekend.

Since this was an abrupt one and my parents was also not that prepared, what I did was to order via delivery with Tien Ma’s where Retiro branch is just near to their residence.

When crunching time is quite a challenge, the answer is a dial away meal solution.

To those who do not have any idea with Tien Ma’s, here it is:

Tien Ma’s is a Taiwanese Cuisine restaurant where the common food denominator is vegetables. History as been told that the wide variety of Taiwanese dishes is mainly the influence of Buddhism that made their food intake healthy.

As me and my parents are on the same wavelength of eating healthy, then Tien Ma’s is a wise choice.

We have been dining here so many times as I also introduced this to my parents which becomes their favorite eversince.

For online delivery, here are the steps I did:

1. Have check their FB Page / Website for the contact information.


2. Once I got the telephone no. of their Retiro branch which answered in one ring, the crew instructed me to go to their website for the order.

Note: I compared the food posted on their FB page and website, the FB page is not updated where some of the products are not yet avaiable. Website is extensive in terms of menu offering.

3. Take note also of the delivery charges. Minimum of P 400.00 with P 30.00 delivery fee will be charge while P 1,000.00 up would waive the delivery fee.

4. You have to tell them the landmark of the place to be able the delivery more easier to find. Good thing, when the rider was ask, he is well-versed on the area.

5. Expect the delivery time is between 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

6. Payment is through cash on delivery.

Do they live to their promises of 30 – 45 minutes.  Yes it is, 40 minutes to be exact.

We received our healthy hearty meal hot and even presented in transparent mirowable containers while presentably arrange.

Each serving is good for 3 – 4 persons where most of the meal has an affordable price of P 199.00.

We ordered almost 10 dishes and we invited also our brothers and nieces to join us.

These are:

  • Seafood Tofu Pot
  • Fried Chicken
  • Tofu with Century Egg
  • Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs
  • Stir Fried Sotanghon
  • Taiwan Style Fried Rice
  • Salt and Pepper Pork
  • Tofu Stew
  • Pineapple Fried Rice
  • Pan Fried Sesame Pan

Yes we are used going to their restaurant, Still, the prices are the same as in-store without leaving the house.

Best part, each dish is prepared with the freshest, healthiest ingredients that makes the flavor and quality of the meal excellent yet affordable.

For today’s customer like us, conveniece is always the key and responding to this kind of service in the form of delivery is actually recognizing that need.

Definitely, will do this again.







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