Blissful with Zoya

Why not a little pamper? We deserve a bit of loving ourselves.


I got to know a Spa-rty event of Martine de Luna about Zoya when she posted to our WAHM group inviting beauty parlor owners. Interested to sign-up my mother since she is a make-up artist / cosmetologist ever since by profession.

She was the one who also took my make-up during my wedding day and recently, my daughter requested to pretiffy her during the debut celebration. That is how she is really good.

She can have a great deals on the nail polish for sale as she always make it a point to only use brands she like. One of them that I saw on her collections is Zoya.

Blissful with Zoya

When I called her up, she had an advanced out-of-town commitment to my relatives who will be getting married in a weekend.

To cut the story short, the invite for me was accidental – to replace my mom.  Good thing, Martine allowed also my daughter to come over to be with me. Maybe she will appreciate it more than me since she is into fashion blogging.

Blissful with Zoya

To tell you honestly, I’m not into make-ups or even using stuff to make you beautiful like those whitening sesh.  My notion is, I don’t need it.  Lipstick is enough for me. I’m ok with what I am.  Even my mom bought me a lot of beauty regimen to try, I just thank her but still, will not use it. Maybe, I got this belief, once you are positive and happy internally, it will just show it to you radiantly.

The only thing that I cannot neglect is to have a nail polish especially my feet. I like to keep it always clean. My dilemma – I just noticed it becomes yellowish and too dry.   That’s the idea, I don’t know still how to take care of it.

When I consult my mom about this, following are some of her helpful tips:

  • Once you remove your nail polish, do take some rest of not putting anything with it – to take some air or to let it breathe.
  •  When removing your nail polish, avoid using acetone as this dried up not only the nails but also the skin.
  • Polish your nails once a month only.   Too often, can make your nails thinner and brittle.
  • Read the labels of the nail polish you are using.  Some of it are harmful that cause discoloration after removing nail polish.  One nail polish that she recommended to me is Zoya.  She told me a bit pricey but it’s toxin-free and vegan.

During our activity held at Beauty & Butter Megamall, we enjoyed a nail spa treating all our fingers and feet using only Zoya as our nail polish.

Overall, we enjoyed the whole camaraderie and vibe of the group, relaxed yet pampered.

Blissful with Zoya

We were also oriented with their newest collection of lacquers, satins, pixie dusts and what intrigued me was the Naked Manicure system that instantly correcting cosmetic nail problems and delivering therapeutic benefits to nails long term.

Blissful with Zoya

Blissful with Zoya

Blissful with Zoya

Blissful with Zoya

Let’s see if this eliminates the discoloration of my nails after almost 10 days that was put on.

Here you go, after removing it, yes its clear both my hands and feet.  Usually, I got yellowish color especially on my feet that led me to put ASAP a nail polish to cover it.  From here, it took me 4 days to go back again to the parlor.  Again, as advice, to let it rest.

Blissful with Zoya

I love this new green nail polish.  Best part, it complimented to our recent Los Banos Garden Show especially when I wore my green sandals and flip flops.

Blissful with Zoya

Blissful with Zoya

Blissful with Zoya

Lately, I was crap up. Maybe because of the stress that I felt – so many things to do, so little time. I cannot concentrate. Ended up, eating a lot and even taking care of myself is not really a priority.

Some reflections I realized after those pampered moments:

– Treat your body with respect to treat you back.
– When you know how to treat your body, you can also have the courage to treat others as well.
– Recognize each limitation and do it one step at a time.
– Take time to do some relaxation that made you happy.

I remembered this safety instruction that you have to put our own oxygen mask first in case of an emergency. It’s the same in our daily lives – prioritize yourself more than anything else or you won’t be any good to anyone.

Ending my post with this quote to keep me also reminded. Again, live your life to the fullest. Till next!

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