Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit

With Bend Accessories’ simple  yet unadorned , these pieces of  embellishments elevate woman’s entire look. 

After I finally decided to work at home (WAH) mom last 8 years ago, there were cut costs that I have to give up and one  of them was designer clothing.  What’s the use, I’ m just working at home.  LOL! I can work on my shorts and shirts or even with my pajamas talking to clients via online.

Still, there were personal meetings and trainings I have to face twice a week and as much as possible I need to be presentable.

This was what I learned to my mother who were a housewife.  She made it a point to still look classy by wearing accessories which some of them she personally do it at home.   She told me its ok to splurge into accessories.  In that way, even your budget is tight, wearing accessories  will give an expensive look.

Taken those advices since I love to wear basic outfits like v-neck shirts, I made it a point to partner it with lot of accessories from bangles, earrings and necklaces.

Sharing to you the pictures I posted in my About section wearing those “loud” accessories.  Now you know why I put it as my profile picture.  Is it look classy when wearing an accessories with those simple outfit?

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit

When I saw with fellow WAH mom sharing about  Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit , have checked their website,  so eager to try it as they  deliver the package to me ASAP which comes into a nice gift box with personal message.

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit


I was excited to wear them getting my green outfit out of my closet.  LOL!

Who is BEND? 

BEND began as a hobby inside a bedroom. Now it’s a budding business that caters to the Pinay’s need for high quality accessories that are statement pieces all by themselves. Bend’s vision is simple: to provide certfied local and handmade accessories that are surely one-of-a-kind.

I love earth colors and maybe that is the reason I choose the green / brown type.

Is that a bracelet or a necklace? Its both actually.  That is why it was called multifunctional kit accessory.  Best part, the gold coils do not tarnish. Price is P 300.00.

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit

Ways to wear it: 

1.  I can wear it in 4 pieces linking the bracelets with 2 gold extenders.

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit

2.  I can either wear a bracelet and a necklace.

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit

3.  I can wear it as a  long necklace.

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit

4.  I tried it also as a belt.

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit

Another suggestions would be headband and a choker. Possible because the golden snap can interchange it just the way you like to style and customize it.

I got also this studded stretch bracelet. Price may vary which is between P 130.00 – P 180.00.

If I wear formal attire, I can wear it alone. Still, when I feel I will go with my tribal look, I can mix and match it with my native accessories which I bought with my recent trip as souvenir.

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit

Bend Accessories also customized a name on the keychain. Looky, I just requested to embed a personalized keychain for livelifefullest with my name in the middle. Nice, which I use it already on the new purchase bag.

Price of keychain is between 50 to 100 pesos which depends on the request of the customer and on the names/caption. If it has more design or additional charms additional, just add P 20.00.

Bend Accessories Multifunctional Kit


Again,  you don’t have to completely go bargain basement when trying to save money on clothes.  Adding a colorful accessories can change an entire look.   These are also ideal for testing a trend without spending a large amount of money on something that might go out of style soon especially with clothes.

A good rule of thumb for purchasing accessories that look expensive is to go for something that isn’t too obviously fake.  With Bend’s multifunactional accessory in gold color, they are actually look more expensive when worn and  not obviously fake.

As a parting word:

Fashion would always fade, but style is forever. By paying attention around, you can make make yourself stylish but please do not ever forget to wear them with smile and confidence.

For orders,  email, send message through viber/sms at 09266212046.

For more information, visit to see available products.



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