Beauty Begins In You

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

When hubby told me will be having a dinner date for our anniversary, kind a happy. Yup, just the two of us.

We just turn 27 years of celebrating our wedding anniversary. I started to check myself. Take that moment on ways how I will improve my look.

Since the date would be in Glorietta, what I did was to stroll around first. Found Oh La Lash that provides eyelash and brow grooming services. I would like to try first their Eye Brow Threading (EBT) and Eyelash Perming (EP).

I’m used with EBT and this would be my first time with EP.

First, I like the stylish comfortable environment. All the staffs are friendly as they welcome me with smile and greeting.



It hurts when the Lash technicians started to thread my eye brow. But because we exchanged stories, I did not notice that it is already done.


Sensitivity of the eyes would be the precautionary measures doing the EP. But being highly trained in making the eyelash curl, it was a bliss.


At the end of the service, I’m actually happy about the result. I feel comfortable with myself. Thanks Oh La Lash as they say:


He who seeks beauty will find it.


With our anniversary celebration, ready with my date. It hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows. But luckily, game changing wisdom on how to live with it becomes life lessons.

Til next post.

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