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With Mommy Bloggers at your back, it would always second round of happiness and laughter.

The year 2018 gave me an unexpected wins and lost.  But for the lost, this made me to be challenge to improve more .  Part of it was getting to explore my cooking skills when I tempted to grab opportunity  with Mommy Bloggers Philippines  (MBP) Facebook Group.

From there, it was an overwhelmed life moments to be a finalist supported by your loved ones.

When admin Ms. Lani sent me an invite for the Christmas gathering, I do not have those second thought even I still have to  pending project revision expectations in line after the November month-end.

Maybe it’s time to take a break to be with fellow mommy bloggers.  The hell with it!

Still, before that day, hubby asked a favor if he can joined him in his out-of-town work.   Told him we have to go back early  in the morning but as expected we arrived late at home.

Wearing with a Movie Theme was a challenge which made me not to come anymore.  Still, hubby assisted me in my wardrobe. We came up with Freddie Krueger shirt, wore those ripped black jeans, boots and hat came from my kids where a Christmas Party turned Halloween I supposed.  LOL!


As soon as I arrived Icon Hotel, it was luxurious inside when one entered the hotel.  Quite deceiving in front where one can think it was just an ordinary one.



The function room is huge that made us participants to roam around and to have those activities like parlor games and contests.

Since I was late, still get the chance to taste the food. The Pumpkin Soup was such a comforting while the Fettuccine Marinara had a right sauce for a pasta, garlicky yet flavorful.

For those who are looking for the remaining Christmas party days, Icon Hotel has a package that is right for your budget.

Christmas Package For FB

It’s been a while for me to laugh and just merry.


Spending time together exchanging stores and ultimate picture taking were all over the area are signs you missed those moments.

To tell you honestly,  I did not post any pictures at that time sharing it in social media.    Maybe the feeling of being together with friends matters to me at that moment. Physical meet-ups like this one and learning about them individually talking would be a wonderful conversation.

After looking those smile in my phone gallery way back home, I feel as if I could head on right back to the event.

Because being a freelance sometimes you feel you’re alone.  With Mommy Bloggers at your back, it would always second round of happiness and laughter.


Overall, I enjoyed amidst the relaxing ambiance of Icon Hotel function room. From southern Laguna to northern part, it is the perfect decision to break from the usual mother duties routine. This break is such a breather to be in a holiday mood.

Thanks for the gift of sharing admins of MBP and generous sponsors – Pampers, Buzy Bee Bouquets and Balloons, First Tier Brands, Lilys Peanut Butter, NGP, Lemon Square, Welchs Sparkling Juice, Crystal Derm, Cheez Whiz, Kids Company, V&M Naturals, Gardenia, Goya, CAT PR, Tim Hortons, SkinWhite, McDonalds, Daiso, Nisce MediSpa, Lorem Ipsum, myfinanceplanner by Tipid Mommy and Robinsons Supermarket who gave all the support to make this gathering possible.




Icon Hotel Timog Avenue
60 Timog Avenue Tomas cor. Tomas Morato
Quezon City, Philippines
For inquiries and reservations, call
Telephone: (02) 353 -6000
Mobile: (+63) 921-795-2170


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