Making breakfast better with nutritious, tasty and convenient eating whole grain cereals.

Kiddos are fun eating cereals not only during breakfast but also munching them while studying or watching television. Their favorite would be Koko Crunch by Nestle which I bought in Econo Pack.

Encouraging Family to Eat Healthy Breakfast

When I got morning invite to discuss the importance of eating a healthy breakfast at Enderun with Nestle, I do not have second thought as I finished also my work load the day after for me to be able to attend.

Got to enjoy my cereal intake with nuts, fruits and milk.

My complete healthy fruity nutty cereal intake with Nestle. #MakeBreakfastBetter #WholeGrain #KokoKrunchPH

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I know its nutritious because its always my ready-to-go meal at home whenever I did not have the time to cook in the morning especially snack fruit bar in foil pack is now also available.

Encouraging Family to Eat Healthy Breakfast

Encouraging Family to Eat Healthy Breakfast

Some pointers I got during our “master class”:

“The 8th National Nutrition Survey clearly demonstrates the need to increase awareness among Filipinos on the importance of eating whole grains. It is alarming that consumption levels in the Philippines are far below recommended levels and that the vast majority of Filipinos are missing out on the benefits associated with whole grains, which include lower body weight and cholesterol levels, as well as reduced risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases,” commented Ma. Adrienne Constantino, Former Supervising Science Research Specialist of Nutritional Assessment and Monitoring Division, FNRI.

“We believe breakfast is more than a good start to your day—it’s the foundation for a better future. We want moms to feel empowered to make informed and healthy choices, so they can provide the best nutrition for their children.

We have made this easier by making whole grain the number one ingredient in all Nestlé Breakfast Cereals that are popular with school children and teens,” said Ece Durukan, Nestlé Regional Nutrition and External Affairs Manager for Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Like to share also this Infographic about Health Breakfast in Whole Grain:

Encouraging Family to Eat Healthy Breakfast

Part also of our activity is to prepare Koko Krunch and how to jazz up our own breakfast cereals.

From pin rolling, pressing decorative shapes, putting fruits and milk making our biscuits enticing to eat.

Encouraging Family to Eat Healthy Breakfast

Encouraging Family to Eat Healthy Breakfast

Overall, the activity is such a breather. Sometimes, quite guilty that I led my kiddos eat a lot of cereals that become also their snacks. It was an eye-opener that all the while, I’m doing the right thing.

Encouraging Family to Eat Healthy Breakfast

Making breakfast better with Nestlé Breakfast Cereals’ wide range of nutritious, tasty, and convenient whole grain cereals is a way to enjoy more eating.

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