Maybe the reason you can never leave, it’s home. 

I got to know Club Balai Isabel when I got the opportunity to be a resource speaker in one of the training conduct eight years ago.

After that incident, have invited my family even relatives to share how serene the place is – from birthdays and even our wedding anniversaries.

Maybe in a year, I got to visit to place 5 to 6 times in a year – to stay overnight or just to eat my favorite dish infront of Taal Lake with the background of small volcano.


Club Balai Isabel

When an invite with fellow Road Trippers came by which was some sort of our Christmas Reunion also for this year, even I got the busy schedule and have an early training conduct in the metro as weekday comes, still I find time to take the needed relaxation.

Club Balai Isabel

As freelance consultant, the most productive month for us would be December as all were running to finish everything before the year ends. A break for the weekend would be a way to recharge myself to face those dreaded deadline.

We got to stay at Laurel Building which is the corner of 3rd floor suitable for families or friends in groups of 10 to 14. I think this is the best view to choose even one has to go up to 3rd floor with all your stuff to bring.

Maybe this is the reason I come back with Club Balai. Room is simple yet elegant with those rustic interior.




Formerly, got fruits but now a welcome vinegar bottle which is a Talisay product and some cookies, (ate by fellow trippers already) were the welcome gestures we got from our room.


No activities for us, only the meaning of what staycation that is to laze all day and best part, eat!

From buffet, plated one and even Romantic Dinner were lavish serving we got during our two-day stay.  Definitely, my favorite like Bulalo and Tawilis will be a must for every order and this what made them best among the food they serve to us.

Kudos also to Alfie, their restaurant personnel who always remembered me whenever I dine in here eversince who are always very accommodating in our needs.

This coming holiday celebration, Terraza Cafe is offering also a Lakseshore buffet starting from Dec. 16 up to New Year’s Eve where dishes are especially prepared for this occasion.

Come New Year’s Eve, fireworks display will be flickering around to welcome the first day of the year. Mass ceremony like Misa de Gallo will also be held at their chapel.

Lakeshore Buffet 2016

This was also the time got to bond with my youngest. Time flies soo fast. Wish my two kiddos were here as they got their own lives already. Five years from now, yes my daughter will leave us also to face her own life. Its a reality.

For now, make the most of it until it last.

Celebrating Sunday mass was also a breather of thanksgiving with fellow road trippers as the chapel is ready for Catholics like us in this Advent Season.



We also got also glimpse of their Lake Forest Mansion located at the back of the chapel. Yes, its a huge one – five luxurious rooms that has complete amenities of own living room, kitchen and private swimming pool.


Expect five more of this mansion would rise up in this vicinity with their own entrance gate to make it more private.

Romance Dinner for the upcoming Valentine 2017 is also fast in booking where we got to have a taste also. Reserve your slots already.

Romantic Dinner 2017 - Without Room

Romantic Dinner 2017

Every travel has an end.  Honestly, I cannot leave it because eversince Club Balai becomes a home already.  Best part, celebrating it with people with same passion you have.


Club Balai Isabel

Thanks Club Balai for a quick break and hopefully I can come back this New Year’s eve to celebrate it with you.


Club Balai Isabel

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