Go online shopping this Christmas with the convenience of paying through mobile wallet like GCash.

‘Tis the season once again for endless shopping and gift-giving.

But are you up for the crowded malls and bazaars, the long lines to the cashier and monstrous traffic that goes with the festive holidays?

Pre-carmageddon days in the metro, I liked the feeling of going around shops for hours to look for gifts for my loved-ones and friends, and falling in line to pay for my items while listening to Christmas songs played in the background.

It felt more Christmassy that way. But with traffic being horrible even on regular days, I don’t think I can endure it any better during the holiday rush.

So, how to stay safe and sane from the shopping frenzy and gift-giving rush without turning into the Grinch? Go online shopping with the convenience of paying through mobile wallet GCash.

There are a lot of online shops now selling all sorts of items you can imagine—from cosmetics, jewelry, bags to the latest kicks and clothes, house plants and the freshest fruits and vegetables—that allows GCash money transfer as payment option. It’s easier, faster and real-time than online bank transfers.

GCash lets users instantly and conveniently make their payments by just entering the seller’s mobile number or their bank account details. Money is safely and securely sent or received at the speed of a text message. It’s a good way to spread the holiday cheer because sellers can easily verify payments made (a plus for their businesses) while customers will get instant access to the items they need without the holiday madness.

This works like a charm every time I spot great gift ideas on Instagram and Facebook. Most social sellers ask for proof of deposit first—something I can easily do with GCash, which has over 40 partner banks.

GCash also has a wide range of direct pay partners where you can shop online for Christmas gifts, which include Sephora, Zalora, Shopee, Lazada and National Book Store. It’s still like hopping from one store to another except that I can do it all in the palm of my hands while in bed, at a quiet café or during lunch break.

To make money transfers through GCash work in your favor, you must do the basics: link your bank savings accounts and debit cards to your GCash account and cash-in money.

To tie in bank accounts and debit cards to the app, you just need to key-in pertinent account or card information. To cash-in, just choose from any of your linked savings account or debit card and enter the amount you want to transfer.