Giving the body the right intake of food and supplement are not only necessary and will never be an issue . It must be a priority and one can never go wrong if this would be a wise choice.

As much as possible, I tried to make it a lifestyle especially when I’m home giving it also to my family.

Examples are fruit smoothies like this mango, always sprinkled with Chia Seed for drink and yogurt topped with Honey Almond Granola for snack.

This is aside from the scheduled vitamins to be taken in between meals.

Healthy Options

Healthy Options

My always on-the-go retail store which is near our residence that specializing yet complete in all-natural and organic products is Healthy Options.

Some will find it expensive but for me, the stocks woud go a long, long way for us.  Like for example, the chia seeds from the Red Mill with 450 grams that cost P 600.00 can last for  more than year supply.

As Christmas season is fast approaching, selected items can be one of the gifts.
Some of my best early Christmas Haul at Healthy Options – Vitamin E for me while Honey Almond Granola for hubby and kiddo.

Healthy Options Christmas Gift Set 2017

You too can avail the early Christmas gift sets that started last Oct 22 at Shangri-la Mall and Glorietta 2.

With the holiday of sharing and giving, the Light Up Your Christmas’ theme emanates from within ourselves which can be shared with others – a gift of health and beauty which is beyond material aspect.

Theme Package Gift Boxes include are:

  • Sparkle Box, a gourmet selection of healthy treats.
  • Glow Box, perfect for quick and easy on-the-go snacks that nourish
  • Glisten Box, a gluten-free selection of snacks and beverages to light up.
  • Twinkle and Shimmer boxes, each bring to the table their own health benefits.
  • Be Dazzling, Pure Radiance, Shine On which are gift sets inspired by clean and natural beauty.

Healthy Options Christmas 2017

Healthy Options Christmas 2017

Healthy Options Christmas 2017

Shoppers can also choose different flavors of sparkling juices which has an affordable price of P 295.00  made from 100% natural grape juice harvested and bottled in Italy.

Healthy Options Christmas Gift Set 2017This year, make holiday shopping an enjoyable and experiential escape from the chaos the holidays can bring.  Visit any Healthy Options branch to immerse yourself with healthy holiday selections.

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