Spa is still a must to retain a healthy mind, spirit and body.  

Spa like Blue Water Day Spa, helps to achieve and maintain that balanced state of well-being through its wide, varied range of treatments.

From intensely rejuvenating massages to deep cleansing facials, and sculpting and toning treatments that help maintain the toned physique that helps to address all the symptoms of stress and gives the boost to get through the week.

Blue Water Spa

With several branches located around the metro, Blue Water Day Spa also offers its discerning clientele relaxing respites in the city where they can de-stress and pamper themselves.

Just in time for this holiday season, Blue Water Day Spa proudly presents its roster of ambassadors: Michelle Dee, Harry Morris, Fabio Ide, Ara Arida and Christian Bautista.

Blue Water Spa

Their highly recommended treatments with Blue Water Spa?.

  • Combo Herbal Massage – Using a soothing blend of essential oils, the deep tissue massage helps to work out the tensions in the back and neck. “After just one session, you feel looser and more relaxed. You’ll definitely feel that you’re ready to take on another day!” shares Michelle Dee.”
  • Therapeutic Colonic Massage –  It is the latest method of losing weight, and it gives Christian Bautista that boost of energy. “It makes you relax, and it helps tone the body. I combine this with exercise and eating right, and after a few sessions, you’ll see impressive results,” he shares. “  This also helps get rid of the blockages and impurities in your system, so you instantly feel lighter and freer.”
  • Y Lift treatment – a combination facial and skin treatment, helps to reduce the signs of skin-aging and gently “lifts” the face for that youthful look. “When it comes to my body, I try to eat clean and live healthy, and complement that with these treatments which gives me that radiant glow and smooth complexion,” as Ariella “Ara” Arida shares.
  • Athlete Massage – For active individuals and athletes like Fabio Ide and Harry Morris, they turn to this massage to help soothe the aches in their muscles.

Blue Water Day Spa has numerous other treatments for different body issues and has treatments that complement the different lifestyles of its customers.

Whether it’s to look more beautiful, to speed up recovery time, or to just simply pamper yourself after a long, hard week of work, Blue Water Day Spa is here to help you relax and rejuvenate anytime.

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