Finding self is the process of letting go, root to awareness and reconnecting life to give meaning.


It was more than half year when I check my goals for 2016 – securing future perhaps. Not that happy as I assess it. Am I taking actions already.

What am I doing?

Rather than being guilty, accepted projects, get into grind and most of all find myself working even in weekends. For two months concentrating, my spirit is dreaded with lot of stress.   Yes, I can still work, feel soo numb, don’t feel anything as I’m a robot.   Just like old times when I was still in a corporate world hunger to finish everything.

When an invite come over for book launch titled The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit, before I sign up, did some research and check previous review.

The reviews I read convince me to attend.  It’s month end anyway, time to take that deserve break I need.

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

As I like to meet her personally, love to hear also how she did a book soo inspirational without leaving her corporate life.

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

The said event is supported by her friends, officemates, loved ones and what is amazing to see religious sectors like priests around.

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

The moment I saw her speaking, she is gentle yet very charismatic. When someone knows what she is saying, definitely, it would come to a heart to give those meaning.

After the talk, most of us couldn’t wait to get a hand of the book, to have her personally sign our individual copies.

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

Yes, I always put them in my bag to read it especially if I was stuck in traffic riding a bus going to the metro or going home.

Reading a thick book is just an overnight for me or the most two days.

This one was kept for almost a week.


Got hit on the part “I will bless your work”. From that point, I cannot move another page to read it. Because from there, I felt the Lord is already speaking to me.

When hubby was already convince we can have a backpack travel this mid-October, I know the right time comes to reflect to take a break.  Far, as in far to rekindle what is again, really, really important.

Yes, quite worried.  I still have to bring my laptop if some work concerns came up.  I cannot let go even I already asked permission I will be out of town which was granted by the way.


Arrived in Siquijor but what happened then was relocation of our stay and cannot go with our tour around because it was raining.

It was a beautiful accident I may say.

Our trike tour guide recommended us a resort infront of the beach.

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

That afternoon was a time for me to rest yet to face again where I stop reading the book.  Actually, I started the first page.

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

Following were some notable inspiration I highlighted which I like to share:

  • If you pursue worldly success for your own glory, you will feel empty inside because outside of me, you will not find meaning in life.
  • Do not let the pressures of the world destroy your peace.
  • Delight yourself in me and I will lavish you with much more than anything and everything the world has to offer.
  • Be content with limited abilities I have given you.
  • Surrender to me all the shattered pieces of your heart and I will put them all back together again.
  • Yes, my dearest child, you may be broken, but know that I will always accept you and love you just as you are.
  • If you deny your own will and submit yourself totally to me, I guarantee that you will experience much greater joy.
  • If you were strong, you would not need me, for my power is made perfect in weakness not strength.
  • Accept all adversity with trustful surrender to my will, no matter how painful it may be.
  • All you need is faith.  You just have to accept it.
  • Prepare yourself to be pruned to bear more fruit.
  • Your concern should be how to live a life of fruitfulness.

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

There are still many notable quotes that worth to share.

One thing for sure, all are future plans by the Lord.  I was not stranded on this resort.  Since HE knows I’m addicted to explore everything in a new destination, HE took those time for me to have those “me time” for HIM to be able to read it and be in silence.

Thanks Ms. Arlene for the The Voice of Divine Love.

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

A lot of realization when I finish it for 1.5 hours. Imagine, 1.5 hours that procrastinate me to read it because I was afraid to know the real truth that lies within.

I do not have no issues.  I have those regrets that led to worries I did not follow what suppose to be plan which I find it sooo irresponsible.

But because failure in our lives sometimes pull us up to be determined to get up and stand firm.

Do I have really have to go for a backpack travel just to realize it?

Travelling also become my escape ever since.

The open road for me is perfect for clearing mind. The call of nature around is breathtaking that you tend to reconnect  peace – an adventure that would lead the best conversation to myself but especially with the Lord.

The Voice of Divine Love by Arlene Dayrit

Last but not the least, the quote that I love most in this book:

My child, sometimes, I allow your failure to teach you a valuable lesson in humility or to train you to be stronger and wiser.

As I go back to my normal life and end this post, have wrote a simple prayer:

Dear Lord,

I have so much priority that I forgot I have you in my life.
When I started to count those small blessing, it becomes soo huge I cannot ask for more.
Opening my eyes led me the beauty around.
In this time of my life, finding myself is the happiest.
The sooner I face it, the better I can be.