Sometimes your plans don’t work out because God has better ones….


Inspired to wrote this on my daughter’s birthday that taught not only me but family life lessons.

After we have a boy and a girl, we know it’s enough.

Our corporate work entails to plan ahead, why not use it in the family I suppose as it goes well when we decided to have a next child which was three years apart.

Hubby decided to have only two.  Both of us were handling yet enjoying our professional position. Family focus would be important as we like to concentrate on two kids.

But God’s plan 15 years ago was not what we intended.

An accidental cute sweet angel named Jam was born and added to the family with almost seven years apart to my second.


At that time, we were also in the process of transferring our home to the province to maximize also the investment we got 6 years ago.   Bought our house then but never got the chance to live with it.   Since hubby’s work were concentrated also in the south, he decided that the family has to come over with him.

Pregnant then that I have to commute from the metro.

Since my job then also entailed overtime handling servers and system, the challenge between a career and pregnant mother made me choose to prioritize.

Tell you honestly, love my work.  I don’t have any problems.  Company even sent me to different training to equipped me in technical skills I needed.  Got also the best mentor which was my boss and one of the best companies I worked for.  Even most of my co-workers were men, I enjoyed being pampered.

But a decision have to made then, to leave my work after I gave birth.   We were also looking for helper / nanny to assist us, but none.   Saddened but that’s all about.

To nurture the glorious years of my youngest new born daughter and to be with my two kids were the top priority.


Since a routine household stuff made me to think out of the box to harness my I.T. skills, this was also the start conceptualizing work at home by accepting online jobs like doing websites to friends and relatives who recommended me also.

Anyway, I have lot of portfolios I can present via my corporate jobs where I personally did it from scratch – from domain name registration, handling server admin, designing websites and other technical skills I can count on.

Since I was also a professor, a part-time corporate training would also be accessible based on my free time I can give.

A contract for onsite computer repair where we can also hired some of my students as technicians become also an opportunity we look for on the different industrial parks.

Is it all worth it when a new born kiddo came in and just gave up everything?

I think so and I firmly support the decision.  Until now, looking back, I don’t have any regrets.


My baby didn’t ruin my dream thus she serves as an inspiration to the family but become also our inner strength that we still have to discovered.

Before she came, I was too dependent to my parents. Since their residence was near to us, I know someone would take care of my kids just a phone call away.

Now that I didn’t have someone to cling on, I have to be resourceful for everything – a family challenges we have to face.

She might be the last kiddo but she open so much first leaps in our family for the last 15 years that bind us more a strong tie especially to me.  So much lessons to learn.


We lift everything  to God – in HIS time and what would be HIS plan to us.  Definitely, all fall into smooth, peaceful places.

Now that my two adult children left us to face their professional lives, I thank God I still bear the third child to be with us to continue and nurture the gift of parenthood.

Everyday when we look at her, she grow so beautiful, smart yet soo sweet – an everlasting gift.

Right attitude even things don’t turn out the way you want it to be would be one key to accept.  Yes at first we will not understand it but definitely His ways are better than our ways.

You just have to trust.

How about you, do you have also plans that don’t work out but it turns out to be better one?