Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


My kiddo is a Disney fan ever. When Descendants is showing in Disney channel getting glimpse for the forthcoming movie, she is eagerly eyeing to watch it already.

Descendants is a modern day adventure about the teenage progeny of Disney’s infamous villains that   set in the idyllic kingdom of Auradon where Prince Ben, son of the King Beast and Queen Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” is poised to take the throne.


His first proclamation is to offer a chance to Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay, the trouble-making offspring of Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil and Jafar, who have been imprisoned on the forbidden Isle of the Lost. These villainous descendants are allowed into Auradon for the first time to attend prep school alongside the teenage progeny of Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Mulan.

When my kiddo knew Descendants will have a premiere showing last weekend, she prepared a dress up getting Cruella as her mom with a fur stuff as her main wardrobe.

Thinking Cruella as a villain, kinda weird for me. I was expecting she would think she can be Tinkerbelle or any from the Disney princess like Cinderella or Snowhite perhaps.

Am I a control freak here dictating her what to do?

Anyway, I let her to be creative even there is a feeling within me that I like to decide for her what to wear. Just to share with you how her wardrobe turned around last weekend, here it is:




With the fur that her grandmother gave her, she wrap it around with an inside black turtle neck blouse . She also borrowed a fur bag to her sister.   She also likes to wear her fave boots and jeans that totally fits her.

Overall, she looks stunning when she walked during the showing during the premiere night.

As we finished watching also the movie, the story tells about a lesson that children to be confident in making decisions.

1.   To be wise, responsible and later on to be independent.

To seed them the belief that they can do it – a positive affirmation that will definitely come to us being their parents, support and advises that will guide them.

Again, it sounds really weird with my kiddo when she decided to wear Cruella. Still I let her believe she can stand out on what she thinks she believe now that she is in her teenage year also decide slowly on her moves.

2. Acquire and refine those skills

Being confidence is to enhance the acquired skills on what they decided to become. Definitely, there would be ups and downs along the way. Still, they will definitely learn on their own with their mistakes and improve on what they have.

At first, my kiddo is very eager to wear those 3-inch heeled boots. But then, it takes courage and poise to walk with it.   Trying to stand out is not a key but the competency of practicing it will give her the assurance she can do it.

3. Self-Discovery

As you let them decide, later on they can discover what it really likes when they started to experience it. From their, learning comes in as they can cope sometimes to critical thinking.

Maybe if I push her to be a  Tinkerbelle, I would think of the wings she will use which we have didn’t have. Every outfit she used is practical and readily available at home. It’s really a matter of mix and match when she was thinking what to wear.

I know I don’t have that liberty to be a psychologist to my child – not enough knowledge, as in really. Still I’m speaking on the side as mother to start trusting our children to get those enough confidence they need to face the reality of what life has to offer.

Afterall, life isn’t about finding yourself, its is about creating yourself.

Do watch “Descendants” as our family highly recommended it – a Disney original movie starring Dove Cameron (Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie), Cameron Boyce (Disney Channel’s Jessie), Booboo Stewart (Twilight, X-Men Days of Future Past) and Sofia Carson as the teenage sons and daughters of Disney’s most infamous villains, the movie will premiere on Sunday, 13 September on Disney Channel Southeast Asia.  For more information, log on to