A home with convertible, multi-functional space saving furniture designs create all the space you need thus  living comfortably with simplicity in mind. 

Nowadays, maximizing floor space in owning a home is very common in condominium and houses.  Sizes between 18 – 30 sqm can be acquired as long as the budget fits in even for an individual or starting couple.

Speaking with myself, we bought a lot space with that size last 20 years ago.  For us, it’s just A-ok as long that we can eat, sleep, read and work comfortably then we can settle for a warm and cozy atmosphere in limited abode.

Dutch shortcake cookies and coffee to kick-off weekend work at home.

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Anyway, at the end,  the lot area can be expandable up to 60 sqm once our family grow and the need arises.

At first, we find it so cramped that even our relatives told us when they were visiting us commented that our house is like a bird cage or dog house.  LOL!

Still at the end, it would be our decision which was on the latter part, we find our compact home to be:

  • cost-efficient
  • energy-saving
  • easier to clean and maintain

With these space ideas we have, good to know that ErgoHome has come up with original lifestyle solutions to customize any space according to each needs with this in mind which led me to visit their showroom.

To fully conceptualize it more, sharing to you this video that I got from them:

ErgoHome was officially launched with the introduction of the ErgoSpace home furniture line. ErgoSpace will expand your small living room into a dining room, and/or a bedroom seamlessly in seconds, all within the same area. A seamless conversion and happy living maximizing your home investment through transformable space-saving modern furniture.

I personally checked their showroom which is literally a living room.  Behind the cabinet is a bed hidden which can be transformed to bedroom.  LOL, Magical!

From beds in cabinets, ErgoHome also has collapsible workstations that are attached to shelving units, an entire kitchen work area and cupboard hidden inside a cabinet, and even a dining table that materializes magically from the floor.


Benefits in getting ErgoHome service:

  • Offers free professional consultation and 3D model design to enable you to customize and visualize your space into your dream unit before it is actually made.
  • Free delivery and installation of your furnishings are included to take away the stress of having to assemble and fit everything by yourself.

My take?

As long a compact unit can offer warm ambiance, create intimacy that would focus in providing stylish yet functional design and storage space then one can call it a home to anybody who is living with it.

Check their showroom at Mall of Asia with contact no. (+632)831-4110.

You can check also other showrooms located in SM Megamall, Cebu and Davao and soon, SM Aura.