Smart workspaces you can call your own creates inspiration – whether its a desk, room or just a stand alone studio

If you are following me in Instagram, I have decorated my small infront board with bells to make it look Christmas.

Now that it was over which I hate to let go of it, as in honestly, have find ways to change it with something chic that would also inspire me to work for projects as I was expecting to sit here again for the next 8 to 10 hours.

How is that?  LOL, soo cute!

Why do you have to find time to do it?

  • For inspiration
  • For warmth feeling
  • For coziness
  • Creating an inviting and fresh work zone

I also put some of the quotes that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf sent to me via Brew Your Best Year where one can registered to receive those daily email.

You can take also a look with Online Resume Builder (ORB) in creating a resume. 

Would you like to decorate your work space?  I am telling you, its refreshing.