Every adventure starts with a single step.  So just go and explore. 

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The most comfortable for me whenever I walk either for work or travel is to wear flip-flops as I can move and catch freely if I need to run.

I am not into style but more on durability and strength everytime I push it to the limits like hiking and trekking.

One flip-flops that I love with this kind of quality is Ipanema.

With the latest campaign #IpanemaSelfFeet, this one dares to create an adventure and capture memorable moments wearing this premium Brazilian flip flop.

To kick start, there would be a series of campaign to major cities like Manila, Cebu and Davao.

#IpanemaSelfeet Sunday

If you’re in the mall where the event is happening, just take your Ipanemaselfeet, upload your photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #IpanemaSelfeet and present it to the Bambu or Ipanema Store to get discounts.

In support, the Ipanema Selfeet Sunday events will have stations complete with Ipanema flip flops and fun backgrounds worthy of even the most demanding selfie aficionado.  See my pictures above, that is the sample fun background I took wearing my new Ipanema.

This would be open to the public that would also feature the latest collection of Ipanema, celebrity appearances and entertainment, games and a chance to win free Ipanema flip flops, as well as discounts from the Ipanema store.

Still the fun continues online with the #IpanemaSelfeet contest on Facebook and Instagram. Simply upload your Ipanemaselfeet on Instagram or on the Ipanema Philippines Facebook page with the official hashtag, #IpanemaSelfeet and get a chance to win discounts on Ipanema flipflops.

To share with you, I recently got this slipper and comes with two different straps. It’s like taking three flip flops in one shot. Very timely, as I will be using it to our trip to Iloilo and Guimaras for selffeet time.


For every flip-flops, it comes with:

1. Travel Shoe Bag
2. Inflatable Travel Pillow
3. Travel Hair Brush
4. Socks
5. Nail File
6. Eye Mask

Really practical for travel essentials.


With the fashionable designs inspired by vivid and colorful Brazilian lifestyle and its signature buttery soft sole, Ipanema flip flops are the perfect companion for any adventure — whether it is to a dream destination or just within the city.

No matter where my itchy feet brings me in, I know my feet will definitely take into comfort and style.

Visit www.facebook.com/IpanemaPhilippines  for more promos and information.