A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.


My daughter just turned 13 years old this March.  Gone were the days she was still our baby and now stepping to the milestone of being a lady in a making.

Ohhh how really  time flies? Now, our baby as we called bunso is now gone..LOL!

Actually, it is quite different now.

We have to add up intimate talks like vaginal itching, odor and wetness. I know these are uncomfortable discussion. As a mom and a woman like her, I maybe a best person to guide her about these predicaments.

Part of those preparation is to orient her how to take care of herself using:

  • right brassieres
  • feminine pads during monthly period
  • hygienic products like using feminine wash

Teenagers have special need to address since until now, their skin is still sensitive and delicate.

Good thing, I found Pure n Fresh Feminine Wash that is specifically concentrate with my kiddo’s age.

Proper Hygiene for Teenagers by Jinkee Umali of www.livelifefullest.com

She is used to soap and switching to this kind of activity is to give her some sort of orientation.

What I did was to give her some 101 lessons in using Feminine Wash:

  • Wet the vaginal area.
  • Pour a little amount of liquid to palm.
  • Apply it.
  • Then rinse thoroughly.

One thing that my daughter noticed is the fresh fruit scents that removes those awful odor smells and discharges. It is not also foamy which compare to soap, it is more softer and milder.


Pure N Fresh Feminine Wash added a milk protein that cares for sensitive area. It is also formulated with pH balanced to help maintain the natural pH of the external genitalia.

I know this is some sort of weird discussion as those kids knew that already. That’s the bad part. We, parents always assume.

Proper Hygiene for Teenagers by Jinkee Umali of www.livelifefullest.com

Still, at the end, guiding our teenage daughters giving those advices is a mother-daughter bonding relationship which later on can boost their confidence.

As a parent, we want to give them those recognition what’s normal and what’s not, and the courage to approach us every time we need us.

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Proper Hygiene for Teenagers by Jinkee Umali of www.livelifefullest.com

What more, she is not facing it alone. As much as we like to respect their own privacy, our assistance is readily available for our kiddo’s sake.

That’s it!

Do you have a teenage daughter like mine? Hope you can share some of her predicaments while growing.

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