In celebration of International Women’s Month in partnership with Pilipinas Shell, a launch on the campaign that would  provide a platform to empower women to take control in making the future and help erase the stigma against women drivers.

I grew up with brothers around.  We jive the same interests – hobby from martial arts, playing like basketball, running and swimming.  When we have that chance to run away the jeep in order for us to learn how to drive on our own, then it would be one of the unforgettable sibling’s misadventures.

Maybe my father trained me to be like my brothers because he believes in equality. His mantra – Anything a man can do, a woman can do it too.

When a Shell invite came in about gender equality, I know it can be done.  It is just a matter of embracing the capability to believe that this is really possible.

Dubbed “Women! Drive the Future,” the campaign aims to help drive out gender stereotypes and support the many meaningful journeys that women embark on every day.


“We want to bring together women to talk about how they take on the road ahead of and how they can use this to take control of their lives. We at Shell believe that, through this campaign, we will be able to better understand and subsequently address the needs of every female driver,” said Vanessa Ejercito, Shell FuelSave Brand Manager.

Shell partnered with A-1 Driving School to provide a driving education that would also support the campaign’s goal to break the stigma through knowledge sharing.

The “Women on Wheels” program tackles road safety—from identifying road signs to changing tires that emphasize that there are numerous preventive measures in order to minimize accidents.

Husband knew I can change a flat tire since my father is a mechanic but maybe I was too complacent that he can do it.


Glad I got to attend the seminar again that rekindle my knowledge on the road.

A refreshing course also on dealing with a dead battery and performing a lubricant check were part also of the hands-on demonstration by A-1.



As Miss Luna Garcia from A-1 Driving School quoted –  “We believe that driving is a skill that every woman should have. And through this program, we foresee a future where there will no longer be a distinction of gender but only between an educated and misinformed driver.”

The event is first of three activations in spreading the call for women to drive the future. Pilipinas Shell, along with their partner, A-1 aims to flip the stigma against female drivers and empowering all women across the country with upcoming events in Cebu and Davao.

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