When life gives you hundred reasons to cry, show life thousand reasons to smile.


It was last two weeks of 2015 that I still have to work.  Common on my profession since I was doing this for last two decades of my life.

Some job activities were yearly updates, maintenance and back-up of the servers and even some hard disks. Apps and files were there. Personals like my blogs and pictures are also resided.

When I started to do it, got a downtime issues.

Yes I fret as I got the feeling that my whole body is soo cold that I cannot think. I need to cry just to ease up those worries.

When I told it to hubby, he was in a panic mode.

Honestly, I did not. I do it calmly, read a lot from books to internet knowledge base to save those files.

Three weeks counting and as the moment, its now back into normal pacing.

Yes, that long. Am I worried to others who will cursed me?

Maybe and the hell with what they will say.

The best part, all are back in normal and files are intact.  That maybe the reason, I have to smile thousand times more than my worries.

My take:

  • One has to face it. It is a matter on how you will deal with it.  Definitely, I have to refresh myself a lot as I tried to do everything, ups and downs. Luckily, this is the best one that I got  – learning.
  •  Overcoming them makes life more meaningful.
  • Challenges make me more responsible and think out of the box solutions.
  • Lastly, do not give up and and learn not to quit even your loved ones are losing hope.