Travel brings power and love back to your life.


I got to devote myself focusing on projects that made my life somewhat too ordinary for me last 2015.

Honestly, this is not me.

When I started to explore again travelling late last year, after I get back, adrenaline do rushed in and started to focus.   I can’t imagine I started to finish everything as creative juices flourished so much.  All were done w/ gusto.  No stress feeling and ended up smiling.

Realization set to my mind that sometimes in our life one has to spice up a little bit – challenge to be inspired again and be back in tract to pour in those positivity and good vibes.

I’m still in the process of revamping Live Life Fullest sharing my reflections during my everyday life to keep it more inspiring, I can share my travel experiences – a journey not just to explore but also how it brings back the zest of life.

As of now,  mind keep on thinking that if I really started to travel again, it would be an added time, planning and will really allot fund if I pushed thru to sustain it.

One thing for sure, if you’re passionate to something, even you’re tired, no time, dreaded and even penniless, one will go for it no matter what.

Again, cheers for 2016.