Never stop learning. Because life itself never stop teaching.  


After I graduated college, I love to study more while working, the same w/ hubby.

Got two Masters, fortunately got scholarships – DLSU, paid half of it from DOST (MSCS) and San Sebastian (MBA), free when I was teaching part time.

So happen, I didn’t continue to finish my Doctorate bec my dissertation project was packed up due to lack of funding from DOST.

Last was AIM upgrading again way back 2010. As of now, still learning getting involve w/ so much reading to be certified in my tech career as one of the qualifications.

Despite all of these studies, sometimes, others would taught, I’m soo genius and overqualified but it’s not.

Honestly, I was bit slow while learning. Idea is, I just do not stop until I understand it as Confucius relate it.

Still, overall I considered myself simple person – zest for life as I crave to learn more and more. And maybe, that is life all about, keep learning.

As parting word, never stop learning. Because life itself never stop teaching.   Learning is a rekindling the flame  once one is interested on discovering new ideas.