Trust the process.


With the start of 2015, I was a bit overwhelmed that the people around me was also productive. The curse maybe of the New Year’s Resoluton. LOL!

From my tech works like projects and clients who like to get the services which I will manned personally, I was a bit confused even I wrote it already on my to-do list.

I have already lift up all my expectation and undertaking for this New YEar that I have to prioritize what is really important for me to have a focus and at the same time to do quality work.

To tell you honestly, with so much on my hand, there were times, I slipped off on the deadlines. At the end, I cannot concentrate and more, I am guilty that I cannot meet those expectations.

Here is the thing:

Trust the process.


  • Be patient and work hard.
  • Just be faithful on To-Do list.  Put a tick-mark once done.  Be happy with it and it will be a relief.
  • Take a break.  Even I got a tight deadline, have join my Road Trippers group to have a quick near out-of-town trip.  The feeling revitalizes the “new me”.  Try it.  It rejuvenates the passion.

At the end, my mantra and have to really keep this in mind – don’t hurry, don’t worry, calm down and keep moving forward.

Let it naturally evolve within you as you learn to love the process one by one thus trusting your intuition.