‪“It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable.” – Socrates

‪A tech career, traveler, foodie, mom, blogger, clean the house and helping family to maintain healthy social life.



Yes, I am a Wonder Woman even in my dreams. LOL!  I love to see myself that I can do everything and anything.

Anyway, this is my life and I am dare to accept it.  Even there were times I slipped some of it, still moving on and keep on focusing would give me lessons that I can learn from it. Challenges to improve more the craft and hopefully I can discipline myself to prioritize what is really important.

This January 2, I am working now.

I know I am ok even some are still in vacation.   I wouldn’t trade it for more than anything else since this is the life I choose.  For me,  it’s the best life that God has ever blessed me. ‪#‎ProudToBeWorkingMom‬ and will always be.

Good vibes to everyone!