Childhood is a short season of your life to nurture it, cherish it, live it while it last….


It was summer vacation when I asked my daughters to clean up their rooms.  There were tons of gifts after their birthdays / graduation and needing some spaces for additional stuffs are really needed.  One has to vacate it or else when their father arrived and did not arrange it, the most he can do was to throw it away.

While cleaning, they have found these lot of Barbie collections – from dolls, gowns and shoes, as in lot of them!

Lessons I Got from Barbie Collection by Jinkee Umali of

I remembered my daughter would save some money to buy those clothes and shoes for her dolls just to keep changing those wardrobes all over again.

As a mom, I was quite freaking out.  Why? Imagine, those small clothes and shoes were worth as my own dress and shoes.  A waste of money, I may say.  They might buy a food or other worthy stuff rather than dressing up those tiny dolls.

This is childhood anyway.  This is how they are being happy – to cherish every moment being a child.  It is once in a lifetime to keep those happy memories.

One thing I love with my daughters is the ability to take care all of them after all these years – from shoes who were soooo little and tiny, still they have those partners until now. Dresses were kept on plastic boxes and most of them were still new.

Lessons I Got from Barbie Collection by Jinkee Umali of

Lessons I Got from Barbie Collection by Jinkee Umali of

They really take care of their dolls and I think that is what you called responsibility.

When I asked them to decide what to do with their toys, my daughter told me she is now ready to give it up.

These are some lessons I have learned from her about organizing:

  • Less clutter

Definitely, my daughters got a right decision for giving it up.  They will not be constantly bringing those toys up to adulthood.  Even they enjoy pondering it,  if they already have something that suits their needs then time to really give it up.

  • Let go of the things you don’t need so one can surround yourself with the things that were meaningful to you.

There would come a time in our lives  that we should release our belongings to live the next phase of our life and move on to the next phase.  Letting go is actually giving you the space to create new life in alignment with the person you are now.

  • Other people can enjoy more your priceless possession 

When my daughters realized they are ready to give it in, they post it in their social network who are willing to orphan their priceless possession to give those joy they once had given to them.  Rather than to locked it inside their wardrobe, the legacy to become useful and to be meaningful to someone still will continue.

With this move, I am a proud mother to my daughters.  If they carry their childhood until they become an adult, one can never become older.

Sometimes in life our possessions  may not align with what we have now.  One has to realized entering a new phase of  life are horizons of challenges to move towards creating a better life to live in.  

Are there stuffs you cannot let go that no longer make your life fulfilling?  Then this is the time to evaluate.  I am telling you, its a breath of fresh air once you start to let it go….