The future depends on what you do today – Mahatma Gandhi


There are always predicaments when stuffs cropped into my mind especially at the start of the week. One thing for sure, I am clotted again.

Maybe the main reason that I started this blog is to remind me simple thoughts to keep me going – that is to start taking always a new steps to meet my goals everyday to achieve it and how I will combat it.  There would be some course of actions I will suggest.

At first, I will plan, plot it to my schedule and then prioritize.  When there were stuffs go on my way, yes I will do it, stop and to my inner self, I started worrying and giving me those insecurities that I let those passed by simply I am not organize.

Now I am totally doomed.

Anyway, this is what I learn.

Stop soo much thinking or rather procrastinate.

If one always plan it with your head, definitely, it will really never come true.

Everything can only be possible if one is committed to take all the necessary actions to do it. Wasting time to think so much and all those limitations are some significant ways to stop it.

Yes, it is just okay to be aware of those potential issues.  But one has to move forward.

Life always are full of uncertainty.  There would really times that something will came up.

Talking is a matter of using your energy but doing creates it more to see the potential result.  It is a matter of stop talking, stop thinking, it is time to do it.

The way to get started is to to focus and GO!