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Destination is a place to see new way of perspective to learn and discover more.


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Advocating a personalized story is to move apathy to empathy to reality.


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Taking ownership is a responsibility of life’s choices and decisions.

Santorini Feeling with Thunderbird Resort

Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. It is usual nowadays where you are going as you put your status via your social media especially if they are close to you like family. When they saw some of my travel pictures in La Union two years ago,...

Backpacking with Mystic, Enchanted Siquijor Island

To roam, to breathe, to change place impart new vigor to the mind as Siquijor is soo magical, enigmatic yet the place is sooo esoteric. After taking time to travel, now time to be inspire to work and be productive.